Image of an EBC 3GD gold anodised Solid Sports Disc Rotor
Image on an EBC 3GD Sports Disc Rotor
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3GD Solid Type Rotor 
- Gold Finish
 3GD Vented Type Rotor - Gold Finish  Standard Rotor

EBC 3GD Sport Rotors

Slotted and dimpled brake rotors for cooler brakes


  • Manufactured using premium disc blanks.

  • Unique wide aperture slots draw cool air under the pad during heavy braking and reduce brake temperature, helps remove dirt, dust and debris and gasses created by heavy braking from the contact pad area.

  • Improve braking in off road conditions of wet, mud or sand - great choice for 4x4 vehicles.

  • Scraper slots promote parallel wear of the brake pads

  • Blind drilled holes eliminate the chance of rotor cracking which is common with :through drilled" or completely drilled vent holes.

    • EBC Premium Replacement Rotors (Top Right)
    • EBC is proud to be one of the only companies selling a British Manufactured brake disc programme.  100% of our discs are made in our own casting foundry in the UK from a unique material called "discalloy".  This high quality grey iron includes copper to increase thermal conductivity and wear properties.

    Direction of Rotation of EBC Turbo Groove Rotors