EBC Greenstuff Pads


  • Premium street sport pad for cars up to 200bhp

  • Excellent initial cold bite

  • Effective up to 600oC

  • Recommended for light to medium weight Cars and Hot Hatches

  • Competition e.g. Formula Ford/Junior

Many drivers of lighter race cars and kit cars have used Greenstuff 2000 series with success in race use and tests at the UK MIRA (Motor Vehicle Research Institute) have shown a version of Greenstuff to stop a car almost 20 feet quicker than original parts on a popular hot hatch braking from 60MPH offering a huge 15% brake improvement.


  • Upgrades brake performance by up to 30-40%

  • Nominal friction coefficient 0.55

  • Excellent initial bite resulting in instant response - no warm up needed

  • Class leading fade resistance on the street - heat stable to a blistering 600oC

  • Features EBC Brake-In surface coating which conditions rotor surface and accelerates pad bed-in

  • Creates less dust - the very nature of how a brake works requires that some dust be generated to avoid rotor vibration (shimmying)

  • The entire green range is approved to ECE R90 for highway use. 

  • It is highly recommended that you machine or replace disc rotors when renewing disc pads.

Since EBC Brakes launched its sport range in 1997 EBC Greenstuff has sold well over 3 million sets of performance automotive brakes all over the world and has become the number one selling EBC sport pad.

 If you ever need to make a panic stop from high speed you will really appreciate the 
STOPPING POWER that Greenstuff delivers.


Please note THERE IS NO WARRANTY whatsoever for any EBC product used in Rally, Racing or Trackday.  Loads, speeds, track length and format and especially driving styles can vary immensely and can dramatically affect pad life.  Standard brake systems even on modern cars are not normally designed for racing and may be totally unsuitable for race use.  Simply changing to what we call a  "Race Formula" pad does not provide you with a race car.  Acquaint yourself safely in a test mode to evaluate if any material you use for racing is suitable in terms of braking power, fade resistance and WEAR LIFE.  Monitor wear carefully every few laps when first applying products to race or rally cars to avoid an unforeseen short life issue.  In spite of the fact the EBC brakes has had many successes in race use of its products no one pad can solve all brake issues and requirements.