EBC Kart Brake Pads

A pad for all seasons...

is the EBC theme for shifter karts or go-karts, as they are known in humbler circles. This expanding new market requires different materials for the rental / pleasure and fun kart businesses through to the higher durability materials or race materials such as our Green formulation

EBC manufacture the largest range of kart brakes in the world

EBC Red Kart Brake Pads - General Replacement
EBC's semi metallic general purpose replacement grade has a 0.38 friction co-efficient, good lifetime performance and is suitable for low cost general replacement such as rental karts, public hire kart use etc. Where race performance is not a requirement

EBC  Green Kart Brake PadsRace Use
EBC's green kart pads are a softer compound for sport and race use for the individual enthusiast or racer. Having a friction level of approximately 0.5, these pads brake better but with a shorter lifetime than our red compound

EBC Gold Kart Brake Pads - Longer Life
EBC's gold compound is a sintered copper alloy material for high durability use in situations requiring long life. It has been used with some success in race use, but bedding in times are considerably longer than with the Green or Red material. Use gold when lifetime is prime consideration