EBC Greenstuff 6000 Series Pads entry level Truck & SUV Upgrade

  • Heavy duty formulation
  • Improved pedal response
  • Excellent solution for 4x4 use

    The EBC 6000 Series extra duty disc brake Pads have a higher initial brake effect than most aftermarket pads to provide improved pedal response. Their non-metallic brake material does not contain steel fibres or carbon particles that we have found normally leaves dust deposited on the vehicles wheels.

    Additionally, the EBC 6000 Series can handle the high heat loads commonly associated with trailer towing and are true premium brake pads that offer fantastic value for the money.

  • Upgrades brake performance
  • Fade-resistant, heat stable to a blistering 1000oF
  • Low vibration, smooth operation
  • Low dust formula, does not contain steel fibers or carbon particles
  • Longer life and better resistance to off-road conditions of dust and sand etc
  • Medium to good lifetime
  • Rotor friendly, extremely low disc abrasion
  • It is highly recommended that you replace or machine disc rotors when replacing disc pads 

Disc brakes pads and rotors are wear items and as such should be inspected regularly and replaced as necessary.

Please note THERE IS NO WARRANTY whatsoever for any EBC product used in Rally, Racing or Trackday.  Loads, speeds, track length and format and especially driving styles can vary immensely and can dramatically affect pad life.  Standard brake systems even on modern cars are not normally designed for racing and may be totally unsuitable for race use.  Simply changing to what we call a  "Race Formula" pad does not provide you with a race car.  Acquaint yourself safely in a test mode to evaluate if any material you use for racing is suitable in terms of braking power, fade resistance and WEAR LIFE.  Monitor wear carefully every few laps when first applying products to race or rally cars to avoid an unforeseen short life issue.  In spite of the fact the EBC brakes has had many successes in race use of its products no one pad can solve all brake issues and requirements.